Lois Deveneau has been helping people get stuff done since 1974.

Providing virtual task-and-project-oriented communications and administrative solutions to authors, artists, hobbyists, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Proficient in a variety of Windows and Web-based applications, concepts and technologies.​

Special Areas of Expertise

Brainstorming & development sessions.

Materials design & formatting.

Content coordination (sites/blogs/socials).

Creating a Self-Image That Paves the Road to Success

A strong self-image provides the foundation for confidence, action, and persistence. If you don’t think highly of yourself, those qualities will be in short supply. It’s not easy to examine, challenge, and change one’s beliefs about themselves. But, it must be done to reach the highest levels of success.

9 Ways to Harness the Power of Contemplation

The ability to contemplate is uniquely human. We can think about our lives, ourselves, and our situation. This is a tremendous power, because we can use our experiences and knowledge to discover a more effective path through life.